Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're up and running with Topicscape Pro 2.5 - Beta ended

Go to the main download to grab the 3D Topicscape Pro 2.5 live installer

The illustrated “What’s New” page has details of a couple of additional capabilities that weren’t mentioned in the Beta What’s new.

For Pro 2.0 users, this is a free upgrade. Pro 1.0 users can upgrade to all this goodness for a modest US$29.99. If you accidentally load a Pro 1 license into Pro 2, Topicscape will fail to load some components and won’t run.

With the release of 2.5, we have decided to simplify the Help system. Topicscape Pro itself now contains a 20-page Help, but the main help is part-way through being uploaded to the Topicscape Wiki – a few more days and it'll be done. Now we can update the help without having to release a new installer. If you still want the Help on your PC for offline reference, you can download the PDF.

Finally, have a look at a great movie by one of our users, David Esko.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

3D Topicscape: New Beta for download

If you're a Topicscape Pro Beta user, you can download a new installer with various fixes now. Please first login then download.


Monday, November 09, 2009

The 2D - 3D switch for Topicscape mind maps : Now in Beta

After months of quietly beavering away, 3D-Scape has announced the availability of a Beta version of Topicscape Pro that adds a 2D option to Topicscape for users new to 3D or for organizing smaller, simpler bodies of information.

Now Topicscape is even further ahead of the pack of software for mastering information overload visually.

You can apply to be a Beta User to try out this new approach to organizing information. If you have no login information, please give us some information about your PC via the application for Beta User form (to help us support you better), and if your computer looks as if it will run Topicscape we will issue you a login account.

Fly as in Cooliris (2D) or Google Earth (3D). View the contents of topics and file previews from the Map or Landscape. More details on the Topicscape Wiki.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The new 3D Topicscape Pro 2 goes live

A major upgrade to Topicscape Pro, the 3D information organizer and mind map software, has just gone live.

Pro 2 lets you add tags to any item, filter according to your tags, grasp visually and even more quickly the way your information is organized, find controls more easily, and personalize each of your Topicscapes. There's a lot more. For all the details, see the “What’s new”.

1. Did you buy Topicscape Pro in the last six months?

If you bought Topicscape Pro after October 1st 2008, please email us from the address used for the purchase and we will send you a Topicscape Pro 2 license free.

2. Did you acquire a Topicscape Pro license more than six months ago?

Get all the benefits of Pro 2 at an upgrade price of just US$29.99. If you install Topicscape Pro 2, it won’t overwrite your Pro 1 installation. Convert your Topicscapes to Pro 2 with confidence, you will still be able to use them with Pro 1.

Buy Topicscape Pro 2

3. Did you trial Topicscape Pro sometime in the past?

Topicscape Pro 2 will work in trial mode for 30 days, even if a previous trial has expired.

Download Topicscape Pro 2 and the new skins installer.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Topicscape update and soon-to-be upgrade

1. Topicscape Pro - a new release 1.64 - is on line,
2. The 'final beta' of Topicscape Pro 2.0 is also waiting for Beta testers to grab.

We're hoping to have the upgrade to 3D Topicscape Pro go live very soon.

The Topicscape Pro 2.0 final Beta now lets you choose a skin for each Topicscape, so you can see which Topicscape you’re working on immediately. There are 21 skins, each of which can be adjusted to taste. Oh, and there's a new skin, to make it 21 now.

A few other things too. Check out the pdf file that has been updated since the previous beta release:


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new Beta of 3D Topicscape has just come out, and there's an opportunity for keen mind mappers to sign up as Beta testers. In case you don't know, Topicscape is an information organizer that uses a mind mapping approach to let you build a 3D information landscape.

If you're interested in giving it a try, Please go to the Beta application form and choose a user name and password …

Full details of Beta 2.0 are in a picture-rich document here:-'s-new-for-you.pdf