Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TechnoBabble likes 3D Topicscape

There's a very extensive review of Topicscape's 3D mindmapping capabilities at TechnoBabble. They've even gone to the trouble of making some videos.

The mindmapping software weblog picks up review

The mindmapping software weblog echoed RevolutionCalling's review (below), though Chuck Frey says "It's a powerful tool for visualizing information, but I wouldn't classify it as a mind mapping application."

My view is that anyone who is used to mindmapping will find the way of building a topicscape very familiar. The key point is that when a 2D mindmap, built in many popular tools, gets too big to handle effectively, you can port it to Topicscape and see all the relationships and names preserved and carry right on extending it.

In fact in the latest Beta, you can import a FreeMind mindmap to Topicscape and export it back to FreeMind - a full round trip is possible.

Revolution Came Calling

Review of 3D Topicscape on the RevolutionCalling blog.
It's an "extremely effective mind mapper".