Thursday, February 14, 2008

3D Topicscape Lite new version

We have just uploaded a new version of 3D Topicscape Lite. It is available from the usual place:

and is free to all who have a license. If you are using 3D Topicscape Lite in the 30-day trial period, you can switch to this version now, as well.

This version has a significantly-improved start-up speed and some bugs have been fixed. Enjoy!


Mindmaps Directory update has long had a remarkable mindmaps directory and it has just been updated. There are now more than 700 mind maps from all over the Web.

This is the only library of mind maps that allows you to browse freely, filter according to the type of map (there are concept maps, pure mind maps, bubble diagrams, spidergrams, and others), select by subject in the tag cloud or search by keyword.

Each map thumbnail has a link to its original Web page.

This is an outstanding resource for the business mapper, the student and the creative person looking for fresh ideas and a new approach.