Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The new 3D Topicscape Pro 2 goes live

A major upgrade to Topicscape Pro, the 3D information organizer and mind map software, has just gone live.

Pro 2 lets you add tags to any item, filter according to your tags, grasp visually and even more quickly the way your information is organized, find controls more easily, and personalize each of your Topicscapes. There's a lot more. For all the details, see the “What’s new”.

1. Did you buy Topicscape Pro in the last six months?

If you bought Topicscape Pro after October 1st 2008, please email us from the address used for the purchase and we will send you a Topicscape Pro 2 license free.

2. Did you acquire a Topicscape Pro license more than six months ago?

Get all the benefits of Pro 2 at an upgrade price of just US$29.99. If you install Topicscape Pro 2, it won’t overwrite your Pro 1 installation. Convert your Topicscapes to Pro 2 with confidence, you will still be able to use them with Pro 1.

Buy Topicscape Pro 2

3. Did you trial Topicscape Pro sometime in the past?

Topicscape Pro 2 will work in trial mode for 30 days, even if a previous trial has expired.

Download Topicscape Pro 2 and the new skins installer.


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