Monday, November 09, 2009

The 2D - 3D switch for Topicscape mind maps : Now in Beta

After months of quietly beavering away, 3D-Scape has announced the availability of a Beta version of Topicscape Pro that adds a 2D option to Topicscape for users new to 3D or for organizing smaller, simpler bodies of information.

Now Topicscape is even further ahead of the pack of software for mastering information overload visually.

You can apply to be a Beta User to try out this new approach to organizing information. If you have no login information, please give us some information about your PC via the application for Beta User form (to help us support you better), and if your computer looks as if it will run Topicscape we will issue you a login account.

Fly as in Cooliris (2D) or Google Earth (3D). View the contents of topics and file previews from the Map or Landscape. More details on the Topicscape Wiki.

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