Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're up and running with Topicscape Pro 2.5 - Beta ended

Go to the main download to grab the 3D Topicscape Pro 2.5 live installer

The illustrated “What’s New” page has details of a couple of additional capabilities that weren’t mentioned in the Beta What’s new.

For Pro 2.0 users, this is a free upgrade. Pro 1.0 users can upgrade to all this goodness for a modest US$29.99. If you accidentally load a Pro 1 license into Pro 2, Topicscape will fail to load some components and won’t run.

With the release of 2.5, we have decided to simplify the Help system. Topicscape Pro itself now contains a 20-page Help, but the main help is part-way through being uploaded to the Topicscape Wiki – a few more days and it'll be done. Now we can update the help without having to release a new installer. If you still want the Help on your PC for offline reference, you can download the PDF.

Finally, have a look at a great movie by one of our users, David Esko.


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