Wednesday, April 07, 2010

3D Topicscape Pro 2.7 released

Topicscape Pro now accommodates two of the feature requests that have been asked for most often by users: To be able to control the sequence in which topics are shown; and to have more control over how many levels of children are seen under each topic (assuming it has children, of course), topic by topic, not at the global level only, as was the case in the past.

The new version (2.7) of 3D Topicscape Pro has these capabilities and is now ready for download.

Here is the "What’s New" page with all the details.

This introduces new flexibility to Topicscape and gives you more control over how you see the 3D information landscape or the 2D Map.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Topicscape Care Domain links in 3D - for the PC

Peter Jones has posted about the on-line 3D landscape of his links, based on the Hodges Health Career Model, rendered in Topicscape.

Amazingly, Peter managed to get the web version of Topicscape working in 3D on a 7-year old PC, albeit reeeaaally slowly.

He intends to do a post on the theoretical underpinnings of this model, he tells me.  I await that with interest.


The BBC's new bible on Visual Language

After 12 years, the BBC has reviewed the visual design of its very extensive and fast-moving web properties.

It is fascinating to have the opportunity to look deep into the heart of the past and new design thinking.

The standards themselves are available for all to download:


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Modeling the field of medicine in 3D

There's a lot of activity now in mind maps in the medical field. I've been gathering and organizing some of the prolific sites and making Topicscapes from them, then used TopicSight to put them on line in read-only form for anyone top explore.
This is what I've done so far:

More are on the way.

Click to see a Topicscape loaded into your browser. The first time you visit, please give the software time to download - subsequent visits will be much faster.

Another one, a really large one, is based on Peter Jones' collection of links organized according to the Hodges Health Career Model:


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Version 2.0 of Free 3D Topicscape Student Edition released

With enhancements to make the Student Edition even easier to use, and bring in some benefits first offered in Topicscape Pro 2.0, Topicscape SE has now reached version 2.

-- A new demo shows how multi-parent topics work
-- There's dynamic help for the newly-introduced Halo menu
-- The 2D search results and history list now swings out from the left side when in use, and stows back when not
-- A panel swings out from the right side to help you make customization choices
-- Topic groups now have footprints to make grouping even more apparent
-- Menus can now be operated by hotkeys
-- There are more choices for Association line visibility
-- Choose neighborhood views with a click of a button
-- Adjust the Home view position to your preference
-- See the structure’s meaning with the click of a button

Here's the What’s New page:
and here's the main page of Topicscape SE information:
where you go to download it.

Topicscape SE is for students and gives tham an easy, engaging and motivating way to work on their revision notes and web research, and prepare homework and term papers. It does a two-way import/export from/to FreeMind.

It may not have the full power of Topicscape Pro 2.5 with 2D/3D switching, tagging, use of any file type for occurrences, and wide ranging options for import and export but it’s very useful for study . . . and also fun.

Someone has pointed out that we missed an update in the readme.txt file: This version can work with Windows Vista and XP as well as Windows 7. We'll fix the readme shortly.

Don't forget, it's completely free .....