Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's happened to 3D mindmapping?

3D Topicscape was launched in its full version on May 19 2006.

It was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal on June 26 2006, and on the BBC World Service on August 3rd 2006.

A new Beta went on line 29 August 2006 - it has extended import and export functions (including round-trip capabilities).

In development now are
- 3D Topicscape Personal Edition 1.5 (many new features - more detail later). This will be released for Beta testing in October / November 2006.
- 3D Topicscape Student Edition (soon to go into Beta - let me know if you are interested, via
- 3D Topicscape Project Team Edition (networked Topicscapes for small business information management and project management).
- A product to build Topicscapes from web sites
- Web-enabled Edition (thin client, not all the functions of the thick-client version)
- New skins - one glass, one colorful, and others on the way.

Much more information is available at

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